Viddyoze Reimagined

In 2015, the world was a lot different. There was no TikTok, meaning, in the absence of viral dance crazes, the world of social media found itself preoccupied by a debate about the color of a dress. Donald Trump was nothing more than just an entertaining celebrity businessman with unusual hair. Little did we know that when he kickstarted his campaign to run for president that he’d actually win. And, true to form, Apple once again dazzled us all by introducing us to its game-changing smart watch (we are now six versions on from that original).

Meanwhile, back in the UK, three budding entrepreneurs were busy putting together the final touches to their own groundbreaking technology solution, the likes of which the world had never really seen before — an innovative cloud-based video animation platform that was ridiculously easy to use. They named it Viddyoze.

The launch, in September, exceeded their expectations and Viddyoze was a huge hit from day one. Maybe they shouldn’t have been all that surprised. Maybe they were too modest in what they had created. After all, since then, it’s been an amazing five years, with many, many standout moments. Today, Viddyoze is now enjoyed by over 150,000 plus users and counting who have, between them, made over 3.5 million video animations. Pretty impressive, we like to think.

All of that has, in many ways, been building up to what will, in years to come, be a landmark moment in the history of our business — the launch of our most significant update ever. It’s been a monumental effort getting here, but we’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved. Our users, too, have played an important role in helping improve and redesign the platform — their feedback, their support and their creativity have all contributed.

The short of it is that everything has changed — for the better. It’s still the same Viddyoze, of course, but fresher, smarter and more exciting. Creating video animations with Viddyoze is simply quicker, easier and more intuitive than it has ever been. And while you can certainly do a lot more, it’s as effortless as before. Our commitment to making sure absolutely anyone can create studio-professional video animations remains as strong as it did five years ago.

Now, we could list all our favorite features and developments, from the but we’d be here for quite some time. Nobody wants that. So, in the spirit of relative brevity, here’s our pick of five key developments to the Viddyoze platform.

1) Editing Made Simple

We’ve all been there — uploaded a logo or an image and realized that it need tweaking. Annoying, right? Well, you can safely say goodbye to having to crop and resize logos and images outside of Viddyoze. You can now do all of this directly inside of the platform.

But that’s not all. Editing videos even after they have rendered is now a doddle — it just takes one click of a button. We reckon this is going to make a lot of our users happy.

2) More Fonts, More Languages

We’ve added a neat feature that we’ve internally dubbed ‘font override’, which will, over time, allow our users to change present fonts within most of our templates — meaning more personalization and more control over how your animations look.

As this is currently being rolled out daily, to see which templates have been updated, we recommend using the ‘font’ filter (a very handy addition).

Another big development is the ability to change alphabets, allowing you to access more languages. Again, this feature is going to be rolled out over time, so we recommend you keep your eyes peeled.

3) Precision Background Removal

Trust us when we say that having transparent backgrounds to images or logos makes life a lot easier when it comes to putting together a brilliant video animation. Which is why our background removal feature, which is available to Template Club members, is the absolute bee’s knees.

With just one click — we really wouldn’t have it any other way — our users can remove nuisance backgrounds leaving your core image free of any ‘visual clutter’.

Yep, figuring out how to remove the background or getting someone else to do it ends with Viddyoze.

4) Easy Access To Stunning Images

With just one right click inside of Viddyoze, our Template Club members will be able to seamlessly access absolutely literally millions of professional, royalty-free images from Pexels, Unsplash and Pixabay — without having to leave the platform.

That means our users no longer have to exit the platform and trawl the internet for the right image — or chase clients and spend hours down a rabbit hole figuring out if the image you’ve found can be used. Simply search, choose and add. That’s it.

5) Double The Audio

We’ve always provided users with one audio track per template — for free. Which is great. But, we asked, why not double that? So, needless to say, we did.

Our Template Club members will find that over time every template they have access to will have an alternative audio option, providing them with more opportunities for their video animations stand out.

And they’re not just random pieces of music plucked from online. Our audio team has carefully crafted tunes and tailored them for each template. We like to do things properly.

And that’s it, for now. We’ve really just scratched at the surface. So, if you’re new to Viddyoze and we’ve piqued your interest, then brilliant. Head on over here to find out more. If you’re already signed up to Viddyoze, well, we’ll leave you to it. There’s lots to keep you entertained for a very long time to come.